Pre's Rock. Photo credit:


The Church of Pre is a short documentary portrait film of the location of the death of American distance running ace and icon, Steve Prefontaine, aka Pre. Pre’s Rock, as the location is known, is an outcropping of rock from the side of a mountain on Skyline Road in Eugene, Oregon where Pre crashed his small MG. The favorite for the 1976 Olympics 5,000 meter race and at the height of his athletic and activist promise, Pre was crushed to death.

Pre’s Rock, as the outcropping of rock where Pre died has become known, has become a shrine for the distance running community not just here in America, but for the world. It is one of the few true shrines in the world, inspiring pilgrimages to the rock with the passion as such sites as Mecca, Dealey Plaza, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, among many others. 

Runners Place Items at Pre's Rock. Photo credit: Runner's World